What is ChocoGrid?

- ChocoGrid is a platform for creating stunning Websites & Apps. It has been exclusively developed to offer best-in-class business solutions, so that you get to achieve maximum sales and revenue for your business (be it an enterprise or a start up)

- We come from Migital, a company which for the past 8+ years have tossed up thousands of apps and clients, including many from the top FORTUNE 500 Companies & Tier A Telecom Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Vodafone, Airtel, Ebay, Zomato, AFP, Endelmol etc. with top-notch Apps, Web and IT solutions.

- And as we dedicated ourselves to providing value solutions, we realized the dire need to prepare a platform, which would let even a layman configure and develop high end apps & websites

- After madly spending crucial time and resources, & a heck load of money, we were finally able to create a DISRUPTIVE technology, which we called ChocoGrid


Because ChocoGrid is a groundbreaking innovation, which can create a gamut of cutting-edge apps and websites within the flip of an eye :-)

Its a solid disruption to an industry that has always conventionally offered any formidable enterprise web and app solutions to businesses with a 'Hire and Create

– Service Model'. The more level of features and sophistication, the more the MONEY and RESOURCES, besides never ending time and efforts to get it right.

The class and advanced level of technology and features we deliver with an astounding experience of making it the way that users love and engage with the business using our solutions, and the very modular structure of it, at extremely formidable costs to get it ready in no time, without any commitments and driving it to your success is what is a complete paradigm shift from anything available.

You get a real life Proto App and Website of your business, available for you right in the beginning, and which is where action can happen, and it for sure ain't a shabby looking Toy demo of no use, but a World class app and web that can makes you stand with the big boys.

What Does ChocoGrid Offer?

- Our platform essentially has the following services in its package

1. Website

2. Mobile Website

3. Android App

4. iOS App

- And our proposal is to offer you the complete platform at fixed prices (with no prerequisite costs)

- You may leverage as many channels within the platform for NO Additional Costs - Website, Mobile Web, iOS App, Android App as you may like

“CHOCOGRID is a standalone platform, with unmatched class and unparalleled experience”

Why Do I Need an App?

A question frequently asked is why do I need an app if I have a website?

Let us tell you that,

Enterprise Mobility Management is the “IN” culture these days for businesses to enter market. Such a trend has been set because people at present are largely devoted to smartphone apps for their day-to-day requirements.

Let's forget about the Mobile Applications for a moment!

Tell us, you have a website but do you have business?

Think for a second about these questions.

- Is your website offering a rich & friendly user experience?

- Are customers getting the confidence to use your Payment & Transaction Gateway without feeling slightly (or a lot) hesitant?

You may have spent hours of time and money in getting your website designed. But is it a bang-on hit in the eyes of the users? Your website layout could be design oriented but then sadly, it's not 2012 anymore

Time has taken a leap and so has the user's mindset.

Our platform simply delivers you outstanding website and apps, which ensures

a) Users take your brand more seriously b) Your market value seems high & your services elite c) Your users feel secure & comfortable while conducting transactions d) Customers do not get a shabby or unsatisfactory experience e) Customers can easily navigate through each of the options & also use them f) A sense of Intuitiveness & Exclusivity exists in website's architecture g) Extremely fast response to users while checking the features

In the end, our prime motto still stands at letting you reach beyond the doors of huge success, without you getting in the Mambo-Jambo of things you don't know.

- If you happen to have a website, which isn't mobile friendly & also not properly curated for mobile web, it could be an obstruction for users

- However, this query is pre-settled with ChocoGrid.

ChocoGrid creates websites suitable for Web as well as Mobile screens.

. Now, the fact's suggest that more than 70% of people spend time while surfing on their mobile.

. Hence probability becomes larger than ever that your products and services will be discovered on mobile web.

. And once they are, people would be ultimately inclined to searching for an app version of your business as well and then try using it for first hand experience

How do I let people know about my App?

Remember that as soon as you've made a new client, you've lost him or her after the first transaction due to their limited engagement with your service.

The Key really is to be able to get your One time Visitor and convert them into Long time customers by being able to reach out to them, and them being able to remember and check you out time by time.

Long time customers by being able to reach out to them, and them being able to remember and check you out time by time.

- Make the awareness of your app at each stage of the customer-client interaction.

- Provide them a strong visibility of your app availability so your visiting customers can see it on the Tables, Catalogs, Menu, Billing Desk, Invoice etc.

Also highlight some of the special baits which are unique to your own apps and web:

- Throw some special Members-only offers.

- Include Sign-up bonus points for clients who download and register.

- Take further user info during registration to create profile based rewards.

- Make loyal customers & keep on working to get new clients.

When the app is available & visible, it will be downloaded eventually.

After all these strategies and schematics, what you've earned is that one client as a loyal customer, whom you were about to lose after the first visit.


Always keep in mind that

- The costliest expense for running a business smoothly is getting more & more clients on board.

- And, the most cost-effective sales in your business always come from your loyal customers.

Why would anyone download my App?

- Special 'Members only' offers and loyalty points.

- Simple 3-Step Orders Placement & Reservation procedure.

- Push Notification option to keep users always updated.

- Reliability from Secure Payment & Transaction Gateway.

- Lucrative Offers & Loyalty Rewards for new /existing users.

- Unparalleled services with Complete Assistance.

- Best and Instant Solutions to all the user queries.

What can it do because I don't have any traffic on my Website?
This what we bring on the table for you!

As mentioned in the sections, ChocoGrid relentlessly works for the success of its clients. For us to bring you business is what shall bring more business to us, its a deal! There are many fronts where we take continuous push in getting traffic and audience to your web and apps:

- In order for people to know about your business's availability on different channels (Web, Mobile Web, App), our platform has in offering some specially customized Digital Marketing packages, which will inundate you with multiple downloads.

- Choco's own apps that shall send traffic to you, including Mobile marketing.

- Backed by more marketing initiatives extracted from our Special Marketing Bundle, there will be hoards of traffic getting generated on your different channels.

Our Digital Marketing Plans are essentially clubbed into

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) → On page activities like Site Analysis, Rank Report, Canonical Check, Sitemap, Social Metrics, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis etc.

- Link Builder → Off Page activities like Bookmarking, Blog Submission, Directory Submission, Q&A, Forums, Classifieds etc

- Social Media Marketing (SMM) → like, Social Media Profile Optimization (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube), Backlink Reports, Insight Report, PR Distribution, Profile Creation / Bookmarking etc.

Speaking upfront, “Digital Marketing Is Easier Said Than Done”

We have seen quite occasionally that most of the clients are taken for a ride because there is no DEFACTO of measuring quality of things.

For that matter, determined with the services to measure ready on demand products, which humans running the businesses can understand, we challenged ourselves & created services featured as products.

What is the difference between you and others?

- The major difference between others and our product is that we don't intend to work on the basis of your abilities to splurge cash. NO!

- We offer you plans, which are way better in class and functionality

- And with us, happily so, you actually know what all your getting with least number of barriers, costs & frictions

Can you connect my other solutions like Unified orderings, Digital Channels or POS with this App?

- Yes, you get this and many other privileges on the back-end dashboard provided to you

- We are integrating many solutions constantly and you can avail any of the available ones.

In case, you require some special features and options to be integrated, please feel free to share them with us.

We Will Try Tossing It Out As Required :)

We are constantly working on various other verticals & will soon open up some additional channels as well.

And we would feel lucky if you stand lucky to get your requirements fulfilled at no additional costs.

Else anyway, with our platform all of it would come as highly marginal costs

In any case,


Why must I switch to ChocoGrid?


You must switch to ChocoGrid because its offers you a whole new world to enhance and grow your business online with utmost flexibility

. It's a platform, not a layout or tool for creating website / apps

. Get registered instantly & start selling your products

. No additional and prerequisite costs are included

. Hosting & Maintenance no additional charges

. Instantly configure your website / app without any coding

. Get quicker services with best quality results at economical prices

. Have the best websites and apps for your business

. Choose from the most beautiful layouts to create app & websites

. Give your users a sense of security and satisfaction

Can I Use Multiple Store Locator Option?

The Store Locator option offers you info about the location of the stores, their directions and their inventory. It further lets you manage all the data at one place

The Multiple Store Locator option is accessible to you with no additional charges.


- As standard, you can conduct operations with only a single Store and only hold the other Stores for visibility

- In case you want to maintain multiple stores and start functionality in them, there are packages available with us at additional charges

Once you avail the STORE bundle package, you are eligible for the following

- Check Sales & Reporting Based On Individual Stores

- Each Store Has Its Sales Classified Individually

- Inventory Management For Each Individual Stores

What If I Wish To Use My Own Payment Gateway?

- Yes you can use your own payment gateways, but they need to be among the ones supported by us, i.e. either PayPal, PayU or Stripe

- You can also take a look at our array of Payment Gateway Bundles (GATEWAY PREMIUM and GATEWAY ULTRA) & check if any suits your requirements

Q. What can the app do for me and when is it most suited to my business?

ChocoGrid can help boost businesses of all kinds and give a boost to their success, creating solid Brands.
More so, the Brands who advertise in any sense, are rather more suited. In fact they should not be leave this base slip away and leave over an entire channel of business opportunities on the table.

As when you advertise, and each time that a prospect sees your ad, they must either be expected to simply open the web, check your products out and close it, for the notion of coming back once they need it, and at that time, they must be able to recall the brand at the right time when the need arises, and must be found immediately or loose. That's human psyche, and that can't be altered easily.

But its you who ends up loosing business, inspite advertising and spending marketing dollars, reaching out to the target audience and being relevant to the user, but only to loose because it wasn't just the right time or since the prospect was just not ready enough to convert it into a real purchase. And then the memory fades away especially at the moment of need.

We call it the LOOSE RECALL effect. And that's what an App can change and convert the prospect to a real paying customer.

Infact there are 3 exciting ways which adds up to getting users reach out to your brand, and interestingly, each of the options, supersedes the other in some way or the other:

1. The prospect who sees the ad, also sees that there is an app available and that he would want to try your stuff soon enough, but today, so she would simply download the app, and keep it on the phone, because a phone is always by her side, and knowing she can simply launch the app at her time of need and convenience.

So when this customer wants to try a new sauce, she would recall and launch the app, or when she wants to try the new fresh fish tacos, she would want to give you a try, or when she goes searching for a new house, she will check it out, or simply checkout the options available for skin or hair treatment or want to boom the spa, here you have it and you would not loose this client, because she knows she has it on her phone, and not simply forget about the brand or website address because she cannot recall it.

2. Add more to this with Choco's superior client aggregation with the App - Choco One. This App is conceived with one strong motive, and which is to bring business to all our clients to ensure their individual growth and success.

The App showcases the various businesses available in each vertical and further aggregates them to when Choco App's users browse or search through the apps for any particular interest. Thus when the users try to find something, the app shows contextual listings, especially benefiting the localized available options. It also features random listing and promotions of various businesses so everyone can be found and highlighted in many ways to reach new audience.

3. Another way where the Choco App is a real support to the businesses is when you promote yourself anywhere, you can also feature Choco App so the users won't be apprehensive to keep adding apps on their phones, but instead use the Choco One app's 'Wish List' feature which keeps your app downloaded within the Choco App in sleep mode, so they can find and launch it anytime later, without adding on to the resources of their phones on a permanent features.

For consumers, this becomes a way to be able to 'download and keep apps for later use' then to escape the very instance of downloading to minimize resources on phone. And we keep promoting our app whether you do or not, you get business from us all the times.

Success Success Success Success Success Success Success Success Success Success Success